Musical notes

Christmas Carols December 2017

Recently, as I stood “between three grads” in the living  room of our Southern Area Field Coordinator’s home, singing Christmas Carols together, my mind was fixed on another Christmas…thirty years ago in a tiny Prison Chapel. It was December 1984. The Chaplain at CRC asked if I would come and lead the women in singing […]

Valentine Acronym

A Valentine Message

Did you know that Valentine’s Day began with a prison ministry? I found an old paper titled:  “Why Do We Celebrate Valentine’s Day?”  Here it is with HUGS for YOU… my faithful friends, family and supporters.                                                     In the year 320 A.D, the early church set aside February 14 to […]


Vessels of Honor

Earlene Leming is a woman who radiates the joy and love of Jesus Christ.  Whether she is sharing her dramatic healing testimony as she did on 700 Club’s ‘Heart to Heart’, or telling of the prison miracles she has seen and heard, or speaking God’s Word under the prophetic anointing of the Holy Spirit, you will be […]