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Aglow California State Prison Board

The California Aglow Prison/Jail Leadership Team oversees the ministry in the state. This Board includes the following officers that make up the Executive Board of the Leadership Team…

Jill Meskimen, President

Karen Quadara, VP Financial Development

Suzy Mellen, VP Ministry Development/Outreach

Jenny Travis, VP Special Events

Deborah Mumma, VP Administration

Kathy Johnston, Aglow International Resource


Ministry teams are called Aglow Neighborhood Lighthouses. Each Neighborhood Lighthouse is chartered by Aglow International and is a non-profit entity under Aglow International. The Leader of the Neighborhood Lighthouse is called a Field Coordinator. The Field Coordinator oversees the ministry in her area and is a member of the California Aglow Prison/Jail Leadership Team.

The Neighborhood Lighthouse has two officers, the Field Coordinator  and a Treasurer. The Field Coordinator appoints a Facility Chairman to oversee the ministry in each individual facility in her area, i.e. State Prison, County Jail, Juvenile Hall or California Youth Authority.

Greater Northern Area
State Board Overseeing
PO Box 2818, Truckee, CA 96160
(530) 386-1392 | jillaglow@sbcglobal.net

Greater Sacramento Area
Angel Domingue
PO Box 221421,  Sacramento, CA 95822-3908
(916) 496-7150 | angelonline@att.net

Greater SF Bay Area
Fran Anderson
PO Box 585, Livermore, CA 94551
(510) 531-6622 | franderson49.com@gmail.com

Greater Fresno / Central Area
Katy Medina
PO Box 16245, Fresno, CA 93755
(559) 960-9090 | k.medinafshs3n1@gmail.com

Greater Ventura / Coastal Area
State Board Overseeing

Greater LA Area                                                                              
Darlene Morris
PO Box 3911
Torrance, Ca 90510
(949) 742-0064 | darlene@morningstarinsurance.com

Greater San Diego Area
Carolyn Montes
PO Box 4112,  Oceanside, CA 92052
(619) 394-3807 |  czm5489@icloud.com

Darlene's LA Team 2018

These great smiles represent our Greater La Area teams.