Blessings and Love in New Year 2019

Happy boyWhen a new year arrives, I usually think of stories from my early days of teaching. It was through Primary School  & later Piano Students that God often spoke to my heart. I’ve loved my story of a child who erased his paper so much he made a hole in it.  I will always remember the look on his little face when I handed him a fresh, clean paper. This is what God will do for us whenever we need a new start!


For Christmas my Pastors (also my daughter-in-law and her father) gave me a Devotional Book called THE SONGS OF JESUS by Timothy Keller. Each day has a lesson with a Psalm. As I read December 27 of Psalm 147:12-20, God reminded me of the “words of Jesus” Himself.

May this simple story inspire us for the New Year!

Boy playing pianoA little boy left his toys outside and went indoors to practice the piano. The lesson contained hymns. When his mother called him to pick up his toys, he said, “I can’t come right now…I’m singing praise to Jesus.”  His mother responded, “Son, there is no use singing God’s praises when you are being disobedient.”


Boy prayingGod delights not merely in words of praise but in people who obey His laws. If we get an emotional experience out of a worship service but are not willing to obey, we are using Him without giving ourselves to Him. God has shown us how to please, love and resemble the One who saved us by His grace.  He will help us!


John 14:15  “If you love Me, keep My commandments.”