Our Story

There is a growing segment of women in our society that need to hear the salvation message of Jesus Christ. Unfortunately they cannot come to us because they are behind bars.

More women are being sent to prison nationwide at astonishing rates that surpass any other demographic. What’s more, they are forced to deal with issues men don’t, including pregnancy behind bars and a higher likelihood of mental illness in prison resulting from homelessness, sexual abuse and other traumas.

Since the 1980s, the women’s prison population has been growing nationwide at a higher rate than the men’s—50% higher, to be precise— according to the Sentencing Project.

As the burden for these inmates grew in the hearts of Aglow women, they responded to this great call. In November of 1984 and Aglow chapter in Orange County California was chartered for the purpose of going into the prisons and jails

In 1989, Women’s Aglow International named this chapter the California State Prison Board. The state is presently divided into seven geographic areas of ministry:

  • Greater Northern Area
  • Greater Sacramento Area
  • Greater SF Bay Area
  • Greater Fresno/Central Area
  • Greater Ventura/Coastal Area
  • Greater LA Area
  • Greater San Diego Area

The Vision is to help female inmates re-enter Society and fulfill the purpose God has for her life in Jesus Christ.