A Garden of His Promises March 2020


In January, we learned to put on God’s shoes “of iron and brass” to strengthen us as we walk through each day! These SHOES are GOD’S PROMISES. I’m happy to report my body is responding to His promises of health and healing…PTL

This month, I was reminded of another way to use God’s WORD. Let’s begin “planting“ a Garden of HIS PROMISES. We have been given ROYAL SEEDS to  plant that will bring health and beauty to our life and the lives of others. 

I recently got a letter from a “lifer” at CCWF who often leads Praise and Worship for our Aglow team on Monday nights. She said she is trying to keep Athaliah from destroying her “spiritual seed”. I smiled as I recalled my teaching at VSPW.  In Second Kings, 11th Chapter, is the story of Athaliah who killed all of the “royal seed” after her wicked son was slain. She wanted to be Queen. An Aunt hid a little son for six years until God made a true “royal seed” the King over His people.

I explained that “weeds” will choke and kill good seed in a garden. Satan will sow weeds to grow-up among plants of GOD’S WORD in our spiritual garden.  He tries to kill “royal seed”. We protect these plants by “weeding-out” our garden!

Be quick to stop negative thoughts from going through your mind. Do not speak words of fear and doubt. Refuse to listen to other’s words that discourage you. Keep nourishing the new, little plant by speaking God’s promises daily. He has given us ROYAL SEED and it is sown to bring good results. He desires to bring a harvest of blessings in your life. Plant those spiritual seeds…Keepon gardening! 

Acts 19:20  “And the Word grew mightily and prevailed.”