Our Big Brother March 2021

I am sharing a delightful story which illustrates the relationship with Jesus as our Big Brother. I learned to apply it spiritually in situations many years ago.

The first week of school was okay for 7 year-old Johnny UNTIL the bell rang for the children to go home. For several days, he had been chased by older boys just as he got near his new house. They didn’t hurt him, but they sure did scare him!  One night when his big brother was sharing about his High School football game, Johnny began to cry. His brother put his arm around him and said, “Aww, Johnny, what’s wrong?  I know it’s not easy being a new kid in school. But can I help you?”

After Johnny poured out his heart about the boys chasing him, and how scared he was, his big brother said, “Hey, don’t worry anymore. Tomorrow, you just come on home the same way…but I’ll be watching for you!”

Sure enough, as Johnny turned the corner near his house, those boys jumped from the bushes and began to chase him. What a sight! Little Johnny was running as fast as he could, with three big guys yelling and running behind him.  All of a sudden, the boys skidded to a stop!  Standing in the driveway was a giant!

Johnny ran to his big brother and hugged him! Then he quickly turned around to face those shocked bullies. They were already disappearing down the street as they heard, Don’t you ever chase me again!  My big brother will clobber you!” 

Since last March, we have been tormented by a spirit of fear through Covid Virus, fearful words and masks. The enemy cannot read our mind, but he can hear the negative words we say! We need to be bold and declare, “I take authority over the spirit of fear in the Name of Jesus, my Big Brother! Stop chasing me!”             

Let us begin to change our words into God’s Promises and expect great answers!

2 Timothy 1:7 For God has not given us the  spirit of fear, but of power,  of love, and of a sound mind.