In the Beginning January 2024

Walk back in history with me to a winter night in January 1984, and go with me as we join a group of women in a home of Southern California. Sense the excitement as you hear their voices. Feel God’s love as they begin to introduce themselves with hugs! Listen quietly as a tiny lady named Lee Krueger welcomes them to the “First Official Meeting” of Aglow Prison Ministry. Forty years later, we understand these women were chosen by God to pioneer His plan for a Miracle Ministry. Today, It is my joy to share some unique beginning stories…because I was there.

In 1983 Lee Krueger resigned from a position on the Orange County Board of Aglow International Women’s Ministry. She sensed God wanted her to “take the love of Jesus” through Aglow ladies INSIDE prisons & jails. There would be NO Luncheons with Guest Speakers and programs. Inmates would be fed the “Bread of Life” and “Living Water”. They would meet Jesus, follow Him, and see miracles!

Because Jesus sent His disciples out into the world “two by two”, God followed that pattern for this ministry. He brought Mary Andrews, a praying mother who understood the Prison System well. She learned it through visiting her children who were “in and out” of jail many years. Together they organized the monthly Prayer & Training Meetings at Lee’s home. Together, they selected some teams and submitted to Training conducted by Chaplain Steve Lowe under Pacific Youth Organization. The Aglow Prison Ministry was birthed in local Juvenile Facilities!

I conclude my first story with a recent observation. One of our Grads (once incarcerated and now walking with Jesus on the “outside”), Rhonda, who moved to Arizona, now leads a team of Aglow women into a local State Juvenile Hall. They hope to attend the APM 40th Anniversary Celebration at our Annual Prison Retreat in June 2024. Just look and see what the Lord Hath Done!

Psalm 66:5  NLT

Come and see what our God has done, what awesome miracles He performs for people!

Rhonda (purple) is a GRAD w/ testimony in the book HIGHER CALL.

Blessings for the NEW YEAR!

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