Harvest Time

I love recalling the Autumn of 1984 when we held our first Aglow Prison Ministry service in California Rehabilitation Center! From the beginning, God planned APM to be a unique ministry composed of “women ministering to women “. He poured His “mother-love” into us as we poured it into incarcerated women. He taught us how to work in this new mission field. The “process” is always the same. Some are called to “plow-up” hard ground of pain & fear, some faithfully “sow” seeds of God’s Word, some gently “pull-out” weeds of deception, and some lovingly pour “living water“ into lives of  thirsty women. We’ve been faithful and He has fulfilled His promise: “Go and bring forth fruit…and your fruit will remain.”  John 15:16. Today, the fruit is “bearing fruit” as strong leaders serving Jesus in their homes, jobs and churches.  Many return to labor with us in their original harvest fields.

I encourage you to keep on working… with a “reminder” from my Devotional.

“Every disciple needs a mentor.  When a young sapling tree is placed in the ground, a stake is tied to it to make sure it grows straight.  Sometimes even a fence is placed around it.  Young disciples are like that.  They need older, wiser, sturdier Christians planted beside them, holding them up and protecting them. Left to themselves, the winds of false doctrines will easily bend these young saplings and produce a crooked tree.  Once fully grown, a crooked tree is nearly impossible to straightenLet us be mindful of the saplings among us, and tie ourselves to them until they are full grown.”

Harvest is coming! Soon we shall hear our Master say, “Well done, thou good and faithful servant….enter into the joy of your Lord”