A Fresh New Beginning January 2017

EarleneLemingAs we begin another year, I remember something I learned as a young teacher of Second Graders in the 1950’s. There was a little boy in the Class who came to my desk quite often, and timidly asked for a new piece of paper. It was always for the same reason…he used his eraser too much and tore the paper. I still see the smile on his little face as I handed him a fresh, new sheet of paper!

For many years, I’ve used this illustration in my own life and have been able to teach it as a valuable lesson to women inside prison. When we try to “erase” our problems, we only make things worse. It will be much easier to go again to our Heavenly Father, and give Him our “old, torn paper” of 2016.  He promised to forgive, and will lovingly provide a fresh new beginning for our lives in this year.  As for me, I am putting my focus in 2017 on the Scripture from

Jeremiah 32:27

Behold, I am the Lord, the God of all flesh; is there anything too hard for Me? 

A year ago, I felt the Lord said, “Do NOT put a limit on MY plans for you.”  As I trusted Him and went forward in faith, He did amazing things! He healed my body so I was able to drive to new prison-ministry events and also attend our Annual Retreat. He released another women from my “Lifer’s Class”, and we will meet on the outside soon! Suzy and Dina have paroled after 25 years, and you can read their stories in Chapter 21 of VESSELS OF HONOR II.  They are miracles of God!

God wants to show Himself strong for YOU, too.  Begin to PUT YOUR FOCUS on  the above scripture, and DO NOT LIMIT HIS PLANS.  See what God will do!