Grandma’s Prayers May 2020

My earliest memories of my Grandmother are her prayers! When I was sick, she laid her hands on me saying, “I plead the Blood of Jesus over you.  Be healed in Jesus’ Name. I was never sick very long. When I went out the door to school, she said, “I plead the Blood of Jesus over you today.”  I knew I would go and return safely. Spiritual truths are revealed to us “by the Holy Spirit.” May He reveal these simple truths to you about the precious Blood of Jesus.

Genesis 2:7 says God created man. He was made in the likeness of God. When God made man, He formed a body from the dust of the ground…substances and chemicals of this planet. He breathed into this body the breath of life. God’s LIFE was held in the chemical substance we call blood. We are told in Leviticus 17:11: “For the LIFE of the flesh is in the blood.Not only is life in the blood, but the blood is the only substance that can make an “atonement, or covering” for our souls. Nothing could sufficiently cover Adam and Eve for their sin except the skins of animals which involved the shedding of blood.  

When Jesus died on the Cross, His own blood was shed and sprinkled by Himself as God’s High Priest on behalf of people. Hebrews 9:22 “Without the shedding of the blood, there is no remission.” When we trust in Jesus as our Savior, we are cleansed by the Blood of Jesus from all sin. John 1:9  “If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” For years in Women’s Prisons, I called this Scripture “Our bar of soap.”

In the natural world, we apply a disinfectant to an infection to kill germs.  We can do the same thing spiritually when we sense that satan is at work in a situation. By faith, we apply the correct antidote: “The Blood of Jesus.” In prisons, I taught women to place their hand on their forehead and “plead” the Blood of Jesus over tormenting thoughts in the mind. The enemy flees…and God brings HIS peace.  

The Blood is also a covering to protect our homes and loved ones. As Rahab did in Joshua 2, we can prayerfully gather “ALL our family inside.” They will be saved from destruction as we hang the “scarlet cord” in the window! Let us learn how to draw a Blood-line by Faith around our family & property…and shout VICTORY!