A Season to be Thankful November 2021

Although our California Prisons are still locked down because of Covid, God has many ways to use HIS daughters in Aglow Prison Ministry! They came to my area this month. Here is an article that could easily have been printed in the Seal Beach Newspaper:

Local Church Holds Miracle Prison Ministry Service Tonight!”

At the grand piano sat Earlene Leming who played prison pianos over 30 years. Today in her eighties, she plays piano for the church where her son and daughter-in-law are Pastors.  Like Caleb, she asked for “one more mountain”. She is giving copies of her new book THE HIGHER CALL.

Sitting on the lid of the piano was a pair of tennis shoes which belonged to one of the speakers, Suzy Mellen. On the bottom of each shoe was written the word “FREEDOM”. Suzy had a sentence of “Life without Parole” and was wrongly incarcerated for 17 years. By faith, she wrote FREEDOM on the bottom of each pair of prison shoes.

Jenny Travis, the V.P. of Events on the Aglow California Prison Board,  provided photos on the overhead-screen of Viola Anderson’s Aftercare Women’s Homes. Jenny delivers donations from Costco to them. Both Suzy and Viola were in Earlene’s “Leadership Class” at Valley State Prison with Chaplain Sandy. Pray with them for three “lifers” left to parole.

It was an exciting hour of miracles “inside and outside of prison”! The enemy can NEVER STOP the women from telling their stories. On her drive to this event, Jenny was involved in a ”chain-reaction accident” on the 405 freeway. Her Suburban was totaled, but God miraculously protected her! She drove a rental truck, and came with Victory and Joy, ready to share a fresh, new miracle with us!

Their stories brought tears and laughter to everyone. After the service ended, Jenny and Suzy moved among the audience to encourage and pray for them. 

{No, this news did not make it into the city paper, but those who attended that meeting saw and heard “God’s miracles”!}

“May each of us be inspired to believe for our own MIRACLE!”

Jeremiah 32:27

“Behold, I am the God of all flesh; Is there anything too hard for Me”!