There is Power in the Blood of Jesus June 2024

My earliest memories of my Grandmother are her prayers! When I was sick, she laid her hands on me saying, “Be healed from the top of your head to the tip of your toes in Jesus Name.” Iwas never sick very long. When I went out the door to school, she said, “I plead the Blood of Jesus over you today.”  I knew I would go and return safely. Spiritual truths are revealed to us by the Holy Spirit.

In the natural world, we apply a disinfectant to an infection to kill germs.  We can do the same thing spiritually when we sense that satan is at work in a situation. By faith, we apply the correct antidote: “The Blood of Jesus.” In prisons, I taught women to place their hand on their forehead and “plead” the Blood of Jesus over tormenting thoughts in the mind. The enemy flees…and God brings HIS peace.  

The Blood is also a covering to protect our homes and loved ones. As Rahab did in Joshua 2,we can prayerfully gather “ALL our family inside”. They will be saved from destruction as we hang the “scarlet cord” in the window! Let us learn how to draw a Blood-line by Faith around our family & property…and shout VICTORY!

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