Vessels of Honor

P1014913Earlene Leming is a woman who radiates the joy and love of Jesus Christ.  Whether she is sharing her dramatic healing testimony as she did on 700 Club’s ‘Heart to Heart’, or telling of the prison miracles she has seen and heard, or speaking God’s Word under the prophetic anointing of the Holy Spirit, you will be inspired to believe God for the impossible.  Earlene is a ‘pioneer’ of the Aglow Prison Ministry in California and continues to serve in women’s Prisons and Jails. She began her journey of faith by taking God’s healing love to prison facilities, homes of parolees, churches and women’s groups. Since her journey began, she has witnessed to thousands of hurting women, helping them realize their potential in Christ. She is loved by the ‘Grads’, women once incarcerated who have graduated from darkness to light and are God’s ‘Vessels of Honor’ today.  Earlene’s Corner will provide teachings from Leadership Classes which Earlene personally taught at Valley State Prison and from her daily walk with Jesus.

For your donation of $5 or more, you can write to order your copy of either VesselsOfHonorof her two books. Your donations are tax-deductible, and help provide book-reprinting. All her books are given free-of-charge to inmates. They are filled with true, inspiring stories from her life on the prison-mission-field, plus personal testimonies of women in prison. Once you read ‘Vessels of Honor’, you will want to order ‘Vessels of Honor II’. These would also make a good gift for someone who is struggling in their life. Write and order your book today.

Earlene Leming     The Shepherd Foundation     P.O. Box 890298     Temecula, CA  92589