A Valentine Message

Valentine AcronymDid you know that Valentine’s Day began with a prison ministry?

I found an old paper titled:  “Why Do We Celebrate Valentine’s Day?”  Here it is with HUGS for YOU… my faithful friends, family and supporters.                                                    

In the year 320 A.D, the early church set aside February 14 to remember the heroic death of a man named Valentine. He was beheaded on a pagan altar because he refused to renounce Jesus Christ. According to historic tradition, Valentine was born into a wealthy Roman family, and converted to Christianity as a young man, somewhere around the year 240 A.D.

This was an era when the Christian Church was being severely persecuted by the degenerate Roman Emperor, Claudius II and thousands of Christians were imprisoned in the dark, tomb-like jails of Rome.  Wealthy Romans of the time considered it “entertainment to visit the prisons and watch as Christians were tortured and put to death.

Valentine took advantage of his family connections to visit the prisons too…but he made it “his mission” to smuggle-in small gifts of food to those facing martyrdom.  He always included a short note expressing love & encouragement. Valentine, devout and strong-hearted, was eventually arrested and martyred in Rome about 270 A.D. Though roots of this tradition are largely forgotten, a man’s ministry of love and caring is still commemorated today…on a special day in February.

This paper suggested that we teach our children the “Christian roots“of many worldly traditions.  We are never too old nor too young to appreciate the joy and blessings that come from showing love and generosity to others!                                                          


GOD LOVES YOU  & I do too!

Earleen Leming