Do Not Put a Limit on My Plans March 2017

EarleneLemingIn 2016, while sick and weak in my body, I felt the Lord say, “Do NOT put a limit on MY plans for you.” I wrote it down, put it on my dresser, and spoke it aloud daily. It was a real test of faith to walk forward when I saw nothing. But today, He has again healed my body and given fresh energy and vision for 2017. I want to inspire you, my family in Aglow Prison Ministry, through the following truth.

It is more than thirty years since we began at CRC and CIW in southern California. I’ve watched God make ordinary women into “mighty women of God”…a name we were lovingly given by Chaplain Thomas from NCWF. Several of the pioneers of early days are now enjoying rewards of their labors, face to face with Jesus! Many inmates have paroled and work alongside us. They are the “TREASURES” of whom Bill Yount prophesied would come!   So this year, as we continue to labor together, let us keep John 15:16 in mind…Go and bring forth fruit and your fruit will remain.”

We must always remember to reproduce ourselves!

As I share from my Calendar Devotional, I encourage you to “find” your Joshua or Timothy and begin training them.

Exodus 18:25 “And Moses chose able men out of all Israel and made them heads over all the people, rulers of thousands, rulers of hundreds, rulers of fifties and rulers of tens.”

The art of delegation is often difficult to administer.  We older saints sometimes feel that to hand over certain responsibilities to others could be a disaster, even when these younger saints are obviously qualified.  We then moan and groan about our heavy burdens.  In every local company of God’s people, the Lord distributes gifts.  Let us make sure we do not hinder His work by holding on to the helm ourselves.

J.B. Monsell: “We ask no other wages when

Thou shalt call us home, but to have shared the travail

 which makes Thy Kingdom come.”