Eternal Lessons in a Swing September 2021

September always brings childhood memories with mixed emotions to my mind.   I eagerly looked forward to my birthday and a special day with our Uncle Charles at the Los Angeles County Fair.  But my anticipation was clouded with a familiar event which I wished was later…in another month. My days of endless fun were coming to an end…and school would begin!

As I write to you “from my Corner” I sense those feelings again.  I can see the big swing where I sat beside Grandma as she told me Bible stories. Today, I recall how we shared a lot of questions and answers in that big swing. She said to ASK Jesus the real hard questions, and she called it ”praying”. She also told me the answer was usually in the BIBLE, but sometimes we had to wait and live more days before we understood. She also said, “Some answers are ONLY known to God, and they are SECRET. He will tell us when we go to live with Him in Heaven.”

Last year,my daughter-in-law preached from that verse: Dueteronomy 29:29: “The secret things belong to the Lord our God.”  I realized how much this TRUTH helped me write my stories for our new book, THE HIGHER CALL. It helped me with the Mask Mandate. It is helping me now in the difficult days our family is walking through.

I believe it will help you too. So lay aside your Theology, and sit for a moment with me “in the swing”. Listen to Jesus Who tells us to accept His Kingdom as a little child. Enjoy the simple way the BIBLE and Grandmother talk about eternity.

God is preparing a place for us like He originally intended the Earth to be…without sin. We can do things we were created to do. Everything is perfect, and we will live with God forever.

Hebrews 11:16 says it is… “a better home built for us!”

“And I saw a NEW Heaven and a NEW Earth, for the first Heaven and the first Earth were passed away…” Revelation 21:1                                

  May YOU experience more of God’s peace TODAY.