Grandma’s Stories June 2020

Since our first Aglow Prison Meetings in 1984, we became “APM Family.”  Through God’s love, He made us sisters, daughters, granddaughters, and moms. For several months, we have been unable to visit our family in Prison Facilities. I do not go inside now, but it was the focus of my life for 35 years. I […]

Easter April 2020

It is my joy to share a “memory of Easter” from our early years at CCWF, 1995. For Sunday service in A-Yard (Receiving Unit) we were asked to conduct Aglow Easter Service outdoors. What a blessing to share my recent healing testimony for 250 women “sitting-on-the-yard”. Nearly everyone answered the invitation to accept Jesus as […]

Shoes walking toward Sun


 “Thy shoes shall be iron and brass, and as thy days, so shall thy strength be.” Dueteronomy 33:25 The past year was the most difficult physically & mentally for me since my first years of prison ministry in 1984. Although I have moved to a lovely home which was planned by God in a beautiful […]

Stamp Album

The Stamp Album November 2019

When teaching school, I loved the month of November because it was always a special time of stories and decorations to celebrate “Thanksgiving Holiday”. During the 1990’s, November became the last month of the year I could drive “over the grapevine” before the coming winter fog and snow in California’s Central Valley. I often shared […]